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A New Chapter in an Old Story

Today, we launched a new look for Century Novelty. What better time to look back and talk about where we came from? Also, ducks.

Let’s sit back and paint a picture for a second.

It’s Halloween 1950 in Wayne County Michigan. You want to throw a spur-of-the-moment Halloween Party and there is no time to make all of the necessary decorations yourself. Unfortunately for you, nobody in the county sells Halloween decorations, and your decoration-less party would be decidedly less-awesome.

Fast forward 365 days, exactly. It’s 1951, and you decide, once again to throw a huge Halloween party. This time, however, your last-minute party is saved by a small storefront that popped up a couple of months before in Livonia.

That storefront? Century Novelty.

A lot has changed in the almost seventy years since Century Novelty opened its doors in 1951. Over time, our tiny store grew into a successful and robust ecommerce experience that can serve all fifty states of the US-of-A. And today, we just launched a brand new website to better serve you and your party needs.

We’ve always tried to be pioneers in the party space. We were the first party supplies store in Wayne County in the 50’s. In the 90’s, we saw what an amazing tool the internet could grow to be, and we built our first website in 1997. And in 2004, we moved everything online, streamlining the Century Novelty experience and dedicating ourselves to helping people across America to celebrate whatever they want to celebrate.

But make no mistake, underneath the glitz and glam is the same Century Novelty that has been helping you throw great parties for the past 60 years. The same family-run business focused on giving you that same family-focused care and attention. The same Century Novelty that is maybe a bit too in love with rubber ducks.

(Actually, we will not apologize for this love of ducks. We refuse.)

We invite you to take a deep dive into the newly revamped CenturyNovelty.com. Explore the new look, and the updated collections. Maybe read a couple more posts on the blog. And please, let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you.

We apologize there’s no crazy party-planning tips in this post. So to make up for it, and because we want to prove that we’re still the same old Century Novelty, here are five of our favourite rubber ducks:


We’ve been proud Michiganders for our entire existence, and as such we’re proud to live right next door to Hockeytown: Detroit. So of course, the first duck on our list had to be these incredible hockey ducks, ready to make your next bath the Great One.


Yes, you can’t turn around without walking into a movie theatre playing a superhero movie nowadays. You can’t even escape them on your Streaming Platform of Choice! Still, we’d be lying if we said that we didn’t love superheroes. Bring that love inside your home with the superhero rubber ducks.


The Thing From Outer Space. Mars Attacks. Alien. What’s not to love about crazy space ducks? Buy a set or two and recreate the famous Star Wars Cantina on Mos Eisley (maybe with less sand, though – we’ve heard it gets everywhere).


Look, we know that “Baby Shark” is the current global sensation that your children are obsessed with, but let’s face it: sharks are dangerous and they bite. Rubber ducks are cute and they can’t even open their bills. So replace sharks with ducks with this whole family set, and sing with us: “Baby Duck, do do do do do do.” Because we ALL need more of that song in our lives.


Ten inches long. Eight inches tall. This behemoth of the bathtub is the epitome of duck evolution. Seriously, go look at this thing. Seriously, look at it. It’s gorgeous. An absolute unit. You love it already. You know you do.

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