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Dig Out your Beads and Party – Mardi Gras Style

Turns out, you need more than just beads to throw an excellent Mardi Gras party. Unless you happen to have a billion beads...

Deep in the heart of Louisiana, partiers from around the world have been flocking to the largest Mardi Gras celebration in the country. They’ve got beads, they’ve got parades, they’ve got costumes, and most importantly, they’ve got parties. But there’s a lot of history behind the glitz and glamorous celebrations: Mardi Gras started as a way to celebrate the Christian holiday of Shrove Tuesday, or, as it’s better known as today, “Pancake Tuesday.”

(That’s right, we’re not just party people – we know our history, too)

So whether you want to channel your inner Carnival Parade Krewe and go absolutely all-out, or just feel like glamming up your pancake dinner, we’ve got you covered. Here are five essential items that you NEED in you Mardi Gras bash!

5. Purple King Robe and Crown Set

Traditional Mardi Gras celebrations usually involve a “King’s Cake,” a cake with a treat or token hidden inside. If you happen to get the slice of cake with the King’s Token inside, then you get to be King for the Day! We don’t really have anything we would feel comfortable baking into a cake, we DO have a snazzy robe for whoever gets the lucky slice. Rule in style with this plush getup!

4. Colored Whirls

Transform the entire space – and we meant the ENTIRE space – with these wonderful and whimsical whirls. Hang them from your door? Yep! What about the ceiling? You betcha! From a rapidly spinning fan? Well… maybe not that one. But we will say that most party planners do good ground work (that is, decorating stuff that touches the ground), but they neglect the high-up spaces. Instantly up your party game by hanging colorful whirls wherever you can!

3. Mardi Gras Table Skirt

Table skirts are not for parties that have you sitting down at tables. So it’s a good thing that Mardi Gras parties aren’t the sorts of parties you sit down for! So make sure you take full advantage of the circumstances and dress up those tables. And as an added bonus, you get additional storage beneath every table without letting your guests know exactly where you pulled your newest beverage from.

2. Beads. Just… Beads

You thought we were going to forget the beads? Long, looping, rings and rings and rings of brightly colored beads are, like, basically the whole point of Mardi Gras! Our suggestion? Buy BIG. How big? Think “Box full of 500 assorted beaded necklaces” big. We’re going to say that again: FIVE. HUNDRED. BEADED. NECKLACES. Throw beads on your friends, your dog, your mom, your cantankerous grandfather, yourself. And hey, if they don’t like them and shred their new necklace in a fit of rage, who cares? You have 499 more necklaces to toss around!

1. Ducks

What can we say? We love our ducks.  But seriously, imagine your guests reaching for a handful of chips and then accidentally grabbing a duck? It would be hilarious, right? Plus, they make absolutely amazing party favors, a perfect reminder for your guests to remember your perfect Mardi Gras party.

And if you don’t love ducks, you can always pick up the tiny Mardi Gras Crawfish that we just posted to our Instagram.

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