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It’s Easy to be Green

Throw a bash that will make everyone who missed out green with envy!

Ok gang, let’s be real. We were going to start this post by mentioning that there are plenty of ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day; how St. Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland, and how that should carry a little bit of respect; and how St. Patrick’s day is a traditional Catholic Feast day. We were so serious we even used semicolons! But we aren’t going to kid ourselves: if you’re throwing a St. Patrick’s Day party, you’re doing it to drink lots of green beer and have a jolly good time.

We would totally judge you, but we’ve all been there.

So let us help you throw the coolest, greenest St. Patrick’s Day Party that you’ve ever been to. But before we start, we want to remind you not to go too HAM on the 17th. Drinking irresponsibly is dangerous. Know your limits, and stick to it. And besides, why would you throw a party you won’t remember throwing the next day?

With that out of the way, here are five things we find are essential for any St. Patty’s party:

5. Green Party Cups

Flip cup? Beer pong? Throwing a kegger? You need cups. Everybody uses those generic red solo cups. There’s just one issue: where have you ever seen red associated with St. Patrick’s Day?? Stay true to your distant-Irish roots with these green cups to go with your green beer and your green clothing.

4. Jumbo Inflatable Leprechaun

He’s big! He’s green! He’s exactly what you need for dozens and dozens of amazing novelty pictures. Standing tall at 6’10”, this Leprechaun will make you feel like the shorty. Plus, once the weather gets a bit warmer you can use him as a pool floaty. We wouldn’t trust him to keep you afloat, but speaking from experience, it’s pretty fun to throw at unsuspecting friends.

3. Stickers

We’ll just say it: you haven’t experienced joy until you’ve been rendered helpless with the giggles after planting an “I’m feeling lucky” sticker on your best mate’s keister without them noticing. Tasteless? Well, yes, but there are many places where classy behavior comes out to play, and a St. Patty’s Day party isn’t one of them. Just make sure they’re ok with the sentiment before pasting these everywhere because weirding people out is NOT how you throw a good party.

2. Pot of Gold Shot Glass Holder

Speaking of classy, do you know what’s decidedly not incredibly classy? Tossing back shot after shot. Lean into the just super extra-ness of the experience, blast some classic LMFAO (are we showing our age right now?) and bring out the Golden Cauldron of Shots. Turns out that gold isn’t the only thing you find at the end of the rainbow.


Yeah that’s right, quackers. You knew this was coming, right? At Century Novelty, we love our parties, and we love our ducks, and we especially love seeing our ducks at your parties. Take a picture of these beauties for the Gram and tag us – @centurynovelty – for a chance to be featured as our Duck of the Month. Because let’s be honest, you want to be internet famous.

Of course, we have many many more St. Patrick’s Day decorations, supplies, and party favours over on our beautiful website.

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