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Ring in the New Year in the ABSOLUTE BEST WAY!

New year, new you, new ways to party. Check out these great tips to ring in the new year.

As we prepare to bid adieu to 2018, it’s good to look back on all the good times and moments of growth we’ve had in the past 365 days. All the places we got to go to. All of the people we got to see. And while it wasn’t perfect (please excuse us as we quietly mourn the loss of Once Upon a Time), it did have a bit of panache and style.

But enough about the old! It’s time to look FORWARDS and, to quote this absolutely adorable dog on our tear-away calendar, “Party like a Gatsby.” Without further ado, here are five things you need in order to throw the swankiest New Year’s Eve part on West Egg.

5. Kazoos!

Look, the best part of New Year’s is when the ball drops on TV. Everybody knows this. It’s undebatable. Just like how the second best part of New Year’s is planting one on your date. But the third best thing about New Year’s is definitely making an unholy amount of noise as soon as the clock strikes zero. And let’s just say that kazoos can get pretty loud.

4. (Not-So-Tiny) Plastic Bugles

But we’re not talking about just hosting a “pretty good” party – we’re talking about throwing the SWANKIEST New Year’s Eve party! And for that, you need to crank up the value on your noisemakers. Our pick? These bad boys are just over a foot long and are a slightly classier option – as well as a great party favour for all of your guests to take home and cherish.

3. Black and White Table Cloth

Look, New Year’s Eve parties are inherently messy. There’s the confetti, and the spraying champagne, plus other just miscellaneous messes that Uncle Boris is bound to make (seriously, Boris, we love you, but you need to wear a bib this is getting out of hand). Keep the fancy tablecloths in the drawer and bring out this elegant solution and keep your table safe and protected from all messes.

2. Gold Balloons

It’s about time we got to the balloons in the room. Hang them from the ceiling, or from the wall surrounding your TV, or just have them lie around on the floor and wade through them! Decorations are an important part of every party, and while there’s some pretty out-there party decorations at CenturyNovelty.com there’s something to be said for sticking to the classics.

1. Gold Glitter Top Hat

Ah yes, the Gold Glitter Top Hat. Everyone has those cone hats, or the fluffy tiaras that say “Happy New Year” in cardboard. But you aren’t everyone. You are exceptional. You stand out. You bring your A-game to your parties. Especially if you keep the guest list down, add to the feeling of exclusivity with some New Year’s swag that stands out. In short: a golden, glittery top hat.

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