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Anyone can throw a party, but throwing the most memorable party ever?

Around the world, Christmas is known as a time of family, and love, and togetherness, and the occasional politically-charged debate. But if you happen to be hosting one of the many get-togethers this holiday season, Christmas is also an opportunity to show your mother-in-law how hosting is done properly.

Anyone can throw a party, but throwing the most memorable party ever? That takes a bit more effort. Luckily for you, we put the effort in for you. Here are some of our ESSENTIAL Christmas Party Products for this holiday season.

(You’re welcome)

5. Deluxe Poinsettia Garland

It might be the sort of weather that makes you want to sing along to “Baby, it’s cold outside” but that doesn’t mean that you should give up on seeing flowers until the ground thaws in a couple of months. Especially if those flowers are the traditional and beautiful poinsettia (the infamous slayers of Frosty the Snowman). Since real poinsettias are difficult to care for – especially if you want to hang them from stuff – we suggest picking up a Deluxe Poinsettia Garland or two.

4. Snowflake Table Runner

Whether you have a separate table just for deserts (shoutout to Aunt Doris) and want to make it look festive, or if you only have boring plain tablecloths (shoutout to us in our mid-20’s), the Snowflake Table Runner is the best way to go. It’s a quick, easy, and painless way to spruce up your surroundings and get your space into the Christmas spirit. And after the party is over, roll it up into a tiny ball and store it in some dark corner until next year. This will be one of the most compact Christmas decorations you’ll ever have.

3. Snowflake Cookie Boxes

Are you a family of bake-a-holics? Did you tell everyone else to “bring whatever” to dinner, only for everyone to bring a plate of Christmas cookies? Are you planning on procrastinating your holiday shopping until the last possible moment (again)? Send some Christmas love home in the form of sugar, flour, and sweets in these adorable cookie boxes. Sure, you could just use plastic bags, or reusable containers, but then you’d be throwing a “pretty good” party and not the BEST party.

2. Santa Flamingos

Think of it this way: if you live somewhere where it’s warm for Christmas, then these Santa Flamingos will fit right in. If you live in a place where it’s a bit chillier, then these decorative lawn ornaments will help you imagine that you don’t live in a place where it happened to drop a foot-and-a-half of snow in the span of two days. Also, if it does snow on your beautiful new Santa Flamingos, then you can get some hilariously ironic pics for your Insta.

Also, “flamingo” is a super fun word to say and we like to say it as often as possible. Flamingo.

1. Rubber Ducks

What kind of party are you throwing if you don’t have any Century Novelty Rubber Ducks?? Answer: not the best one. These little golden mallards are guaranteed to bring joy to the kids and the kids at heart! Perfect for party favours, name tags, or as the newest edition to your nativity scene. Or, the best yet: hide them in your Christmas tree or in your table’s centrepiece and see how long it takes for your relatives to notice.

This is just a small sampling of all the Christmas party supplies we have to offer at Century Novelty, so why not swing by our main site and see what other goodies you can add to your Christmas jam?

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